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Five Reasons to Do What You Say You Are Going to Do. 1. Integrity. For me, doing what I say I will do is a matter of integrity. I wouldn't feel good about myself if I didn't keep my word. My word means something to me -- I do not take it lightly.

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  • Now of course no one is making you actually do it - unless not doing it gets you demoted, causes you to lose a raise or get fired - but not following through means you're having to face the consequence that others will stop relying on you, trusting you, having confidence in you, respecting you and liking you. And if you say, that's not fair.

    Why would someone make plans and not follow through

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    Figure 2.3. As you can see from this figure, the company strategic plan ties into the HRM strategic plan, and from the HRM strategic plan, the HR plan can be developed. The six parts of the HRM plan include the following: Determine human resource needs. This part is heavily involved with the strategic plan.