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It can be located on a card left by the previous installer, printed on the attic insulation or you can measure it yourself. Take your measuring tape and measure how deep it is. For loose fill, such as EcoFill, multiply the depth by a minimum of R-2.67 per inch. For batts, such as EcoBatt, multiply the depth by a minimum of R-3 per inch.

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  • This is generally done just before the roof sheathing goes on, but can be done afterwards from inside the attic by stapling the material to the bottom of the rafters. When installing a foil-type barrier, it's important to allow the material to "droop" between the attachment points to make at least a 1.0 inch (2.5 cm) air space between it. . Measure and mark the height on the baffle. Verify the height allows for 1-inch of required air space. Cut side fin and fold baffle at the measured mark to allow for correct insulation height. For all eaves with vents, fasten bottom of baffle in. Wear a dust mask and make sure there is enough ventilation while completing the installation. Recessed lighting - Make sure you follow the guidelines for clearances around down lights to reduce the risk of fire. Safety gear - Dress appropriately in long sleeves, gloves, boots, safety glasses and dust mask. It's also a good idea to take a.

    How to install rolled insulation in attic

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    BLOCK 95% OF THE RADIANT HEAT with CLASSIC. Unlike traditional mass insulations like blown-in and batt cellulose/fiberglass, RadiantGUARD CLASSIC radiant barrier BLOCKs 95% of the radiant heat thereby greatly reducing the amount of heat that enters a home when installed in the attic space or as a house wrap. Combined with existing mass insulation, you can.