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The Impacts of poor ventilation. Drawing in fresh air and ventilating your property is a healthy thing to do for your property. However, it is especially important when it comes to reducing condensation. Excess levels of moisture and humidity are on the rise, largely due to a number of factors including: More people living in smaller spaces.

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  • Blocking vents on a house with underfloor insulation can still save money but has minimal impact. It is always a good idea to block the vents when the crawl space has uninsulated water supply pipes if the temperature gets below freezing. If your house is poorly ventilated and you are generating a lot of moisture, e.g. through air-drying a lot of clothes, showering without using an extractor fan, or cooking/washing up without ventilation, this moisture could be getting into. if the air is dry, you can't have condensation. period. Snow covered feet, step in car, turn on heater snow melts off the feet stays on mat, exit car, water on mat, water evaporates (even if its turned to ice it can sublimate into steam) -> moisture in the air inside the car. Cold windshield + moisture = condensation/ice.

    Condensation vents inside house

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    Nobody wants moisture to turn into mold or mildew in their air ducts! Causes of Moisture Around HVAC Vents. Insufficient insulation. You may need more duct or attic insulation in order to solve the problem. If warm and humid air is coming from the attic, this can cause condensation to form on the cold air ducts and leak.